Facial oil with occlusive argan, squalane + sea kale for dewy hydration


argan oil (68%): Sustainably extracted argan oil contains high levels of emollient fatty acids and hydrates skin by restoring hydro-lipids; works on top of skin barrier surface to prevent dehydration by trapping water and decreasing trans epidermal water loss (TEWL); high in antioxidant tocopherol

squalane (30%): Organic, sustainably plant-sourced moisturizer from sugar cane; works on top of and below skin barrier to lubricate cells and encourage turnover so roughness improves; replaces lost lipids to soften and smooth, improve appearance of lines and reduce TEWL; enhances protective skin barrier

sea kale (1.5%): Haylophytic marine plant (thrives in high salt environments); improves appearance of external epidermal stress and skin barrier; improves visible signs of photoaging

essential oil blend: Our blend of ylang ylang, meadowfoam seed oil, balanite roxburghii seed oil, and passiflora edulis seed oil (derived from passion fruit also known as maracuja oil) provide aromatherapeutic wellbeing benefits and enhance the feel of luxe hydration

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