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Salt Facial

Salt Facial is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation service that combines natural sea salt exfoliation with aesthetic technology to revitalize the skin. This multi-step treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation using natural sea salt, which prepares the skin for the subsequent steps: ultrasound technology to nourish, and LED phototherapy to promote healing and collagen production. Salt Facial provides a versatile solution for rejuvenating the complexion, effectively addressing skin concerns such as acne, sun damage, uneven skin tones, and fine lines.


Salt Facial (Just Face)

40 minutes

Salt Facial 2.0 (Face/Back/Chest)

1 hour


A Salt Facial, suitable for various skin types and effective for acne, uneven tone, sun damage, and fine lines, is recommended for gentle rejuvenation, with a consultation for those with specific skin conditions or sensitivities.

Clients typically experience a refreshed and brighter complexion immediately after a Salt Facial, with enhanced skin texture and tone becoming more apparent a few days post-treatment.

The complete advantages of Salt Facial, including improved texture and tone, typically manifest within a few days, with the best results achieved through a series of treatments.

A Salt Facial offers the advantage of minimal to no downtime, allowing most clients to resume their daily activities right after the treatment. Mild and brief redness or sensitivity may occur.

Before a Salt Facial, avoiding harsh skin treatments or excessive sun exposure is important. Post-treatment, we advise using gentle cleanser and moisturizer, applying sunscreen, and avoiding abrasive products and extreme heat for a few days. Our Ethereal Skin Medical Spa experts will offer personalized care instructions tailored to your skin type.

Experience a relaxing Salt Facial at Ethereal Skin Medical Spa, featuring a three-step process of exfoliation, nourishment, and collagen-boosting LED therapy, all in a comfortable, non-invasive setting for refreshed, radiant skin.

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